Voting Info

Missouri Voting Law Changes and how they might affect you

Are you registered to vote, or do you need to?

First, in Missouri, you are required to be registered BEFORE the election. The registration deadline for the November 8th, 2022, election is October 12th, 2022.

Not sure if you’re registered. You can check that out on the Jackson County Election Board (JCEB) website here. Scroll to the JCEB Voter ID Lookup.

Don’t forget to check your address on the site so you don’t have any surprises later. If you need more information on registering to vote, go here

The Missouri law now requires that voters present a government-issued photo ID to vote.

Note, as of this writing, 9/2/2022, a case is pending to repeal this. It’s better to be prepared, so please keep reading. If you don’t provide a government-issued photo ID, your ballot will be considered provisional. It will only be counted if elections officials can verify your signature based on voter records.

So what kind of id is going to be accepted? Non-expired Missouri driver or non-driver license, Non expired military ID, including a veteran’s ID card, Non expired United States Passport, or another photo ID issued by the United States or the state of Missouri which is not expired.

If you don’t have any of those IDs, you might be able to get a free photo ID. Check out this link to see how

If you want more information on the Missouri Driver License and Non driver ID, check out the Missouri Department of Revenue site here

Check out the official Dates

The link to see the Jackson county election calendar check this is out

Want to know what’s on your ballot?

After the ballots are completed, you can also check and see what is on the ballot for the election in your precinct, fire district, school district, city all the other political communities you fall into.

Please make sure you’re registered to vote and know what’s on the ballot and have the necessary ID when you get to the polling place.